Lucas Diangelo (and friends!)

Young and Ambitious

The squared circle just got a whole lot hotter as wrestling action is pushed to new heights when's newest heart throb, Lucas Diangelo is tossed into the ring with non-other then tough guy LEX ATTILA! We've told you before, we don't want just anyone on we wanted to see if Lucas Diangelo had what it takes. What would you do if you were pitted in a ring against DENNIS MARTIN, LUCAS DIANGELO and BEN JOHNSON; with LEX ATTILA playing clean up? See if Lucas survives not only the bout in the ring, but the head to head in the locker room showers!

Straight Bodybuilders

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Lucas Diangelo (and friends!) Ring
Lucas Diangelo (and friends!) Ring
Straight Bodybuilders
Straight Bodybuilders
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