Luke Belair

from Long Island With Love

High school math teacher and wrestling coach Luke Belair (known to his wrestlers as Iron Man Luke) leads a quiet Midwestern suburban life. Visiting his in-laws in Florida with his wife and five kids (three daughters, two sons), w first saw Luke - in all his muscular glory - at a family motel pool. He spotted us, too....and soon, we fell into conversation. He was surprisingly glad to pose for our cameras."Don't tell my wife," he said, adding, "She's not really into muscles." We are, though - and we know you are, too. So we shouldn't have been so surprised when Luke decided to go all the way for us. "Hell," he said, "I want somebody to appreciate the hard work I've put into this body." We appreciated it - and we know you'll also appreciate Iron Man Luke's iron-thick love muscle as well!

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Straight Bodybuilders

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Luke Belair Into
Luke Belair Into
Luke Belair Into
Straight Bodybuilders
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