Spike Cruz

East Side Muscle Thug

Spike's the subject of some homeboy admiration on the street, a fact that he just accepts without a second thought. He doesn't push it. Works out hard at the gym, plays some music in a late night club on East 145th Street, likes to grow things on his rooftop. Little buddy Speedy (coming soon to Powermen- whatever Spike does, Speedy does, too) sees him as the big brother he never had. Isn't that nice? Thing about Spike (he's straight as an arrow) is that one of his special talents is that he IS a "Big Brother". If you get where we're coming from. Check Spike out as he relaxes in our studios and lets it all hang loose....

Spike Cruz Gay Muscle

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Gay Muscle
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Spike Cruz Gay Muscle
Spike Cruz Gay Muscle
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